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  • Riflemen's Union Oath in Vilnius, March 11, 2022Riflemen’s Union, who they are, what they do
    March 11 is a beautiful sunny day. The ceremonies for the anniversary of the Lithuanian independence, regained in 1990, have just ended. There were also many demonstrations in support of Ukraine devastated by the war waged by Russia. But another appointment awaits us: the oath of the new members of the Riflemen’s Union. In Lithuanian “Lietuvos Šaulių Sąjunga”, a paramilitary organization with a long story. For us Italians, the word […]
  • Vilnius support UkraineUkraine past and present, the war seen from Lithuania
    The war in Ukraine changes Europe, it changes the scenarios we were used to. In our interview, Andrea Griffante, historical researcher at the Lithuanian Institute of History in Vilnius, tells us the historical background. Ukraine’s path towards democracy, and Lithuania’s perception of the conflict. Which, like the other Baltic countries, is de facto at the forefront. We tried to understand what the situation is in Lithuania, the real reasons for the war […]
  • Ukrainian House opening in KaunasCulturEUkraine, Ukrainian House, Kaunas2022 concrete support
    We interviewed Mindaugas Reinikis, Head of Communication of Kaunas2022. In the interview he tells us about his team’s position, what this situation means for them. “We strongly condemn this bloody war of Russia against Ukraine. And like the rest of the world we ask for it to be stopped immediately”, he said. WATCH THE VIDEO Kaunas2022 has made many important partnership with Ukrainian cultural institutions and artists. “We […]
  • March 11, Lithuania supports UkraineMarch, 11-Lithuania Independence Day for Ukraine-Reportage
    Slava Ukraini, Glory to Ukraine. That slogan echoes on the streets of Vilnius and all of Lithuania. It’s ringing in our ears, it’s before our eyes, everywhere in this country. On March 11, restoration of the independence in Lithuania, is become a great moment to support Ukrainians fighting against the Russian aggression WATCH THE VIDEO In 1990 Lithuania was the first Soviet Republic to declare its independence. In […]
  • Ukraine-Interview Vice-Minister Foreign Affairs LithuaniaUkraine: Interview Vice-Minister Foreign Affairs Lithuania
    Interview to Mantas Adomėnas, Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania. The Baltic State is in a dangerous area in this moment. It share the border with Belarus, basically under the Putin regime, and Kaliningrad, Russia exclave, that is become a huge military base. In our interview the position of his country in front of the war in Ukraine, stability in Europe, Russian aggression, the role of NATO, European Union and China. Didn’t Western European […]
  • Kaunas2022, the opening – First Act of Trilogy – European Capital of Culture
    With a great show at the Žalgirio Arena, temple of basketball champions, the year of Kaunas as the European Capital of Culture, was officially inaugurated. The show “Confusion”, the first part of the Trilogy that will accompany alla visitors to discover the second city of Lithuania, its inhabitants and its history, was created under the artistic direction of Chris Baldwin and is based on an idea by Rytis […]

The Lapteviečiai project – Voices from the Silence

You don’t get to choose the stories you tell. They choose you. They are there, in plain sight. Like Poe’s Purloined Letter, you don’t see them. Then, little by little, as an imperceptible destiny, your eyes meet them more and

Lithuania Today

We visited Lithuania for the first time in June 2005. The country had become a member of the EU just over a year before, together with the other two Baltic States: Latvia and Estonia. It is difficult to know exactly

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Marina Macrì Journalist and photographer, is currently responsible of the editorial services at P.M. Studio and its website, dedicated to the world of Photo- graphy. She has produced a series of travel reports in different countries like Georgia, Lithuania,

About Lithuania

Lithuania is a small country and covers an area of 65.300 square kilometres. If we compare it to Italy, the whole Lithuanian territory is similar to Veneto, Lombardy and Piedmont, all together.

It has less than 3 million people. There are over 600.000 Lithuanians who live abroad. A fifth reside in the United Kingdom, 5.8% in the USA. The Lithuanian American Community is the biggest in the world: about 700.000 people reside there.

Most of Lithuania is flat, with many forests and lakes. The Curonian Spit (Neringa in Lithuanian) is the Western border of the country. It is an amazing peninsula that divides the Curonian Lagoon form the Baltic Sea. Neringa is a long and narrow strip of land, 98 kilometres, 52 of them in Lithuanian territory. The rest belongs to Russia. It is Kaliningrad, a Russian enclave that borders with Lithuania.

At three o’clock in the morning of June 14th 1941, on Moscow’s orders, deportation began simultaneously in the three Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The Chekists were mobilized in Belarus, Smolensk, Pskov… An unbroken chain of overcrowded trains, one after another, was heading East, carrying people, who for most part, would never return home.

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