Ceremony of the State Funeral of the commanders and participants of the 1863-1864 uprising, in Vilnius. The remains of the victims were founded during the Gedimino Hill reinforcement works in 2017.

The uprising involved people of Lithuania, Poland and Belarus to aimed the restoration of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. It began on January 22, 1863 and it continued until 1864 when the insurgents were captured by the Russian forces. After the uprising, the Tzar of Russia decided the ban of Lithuanian language. All pubblications, even the religious books, had to be written in Cyrillic. Lithuanian organized the printing of books and others outside the Tzarist Empire. Lithuanian Book Smugglers, called Knygnešiai, illegally imported any pubblications into the country until 1904 when the Tzar lifted the ban. The Lithuanian language was more alive than ever.


Commemoration and funerale State of the commanders of the anti Tsarist uprising of 1863
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