I had been in Tuskulėnai Park in the suburb of Vilnius. In this place almost 800 people were buried secretly from 1944 to 1947 by the Soviet regime. People were killed in the headquarter of the KGB, located in the center of Vilnius, and then they were brought and buried here.

This is a big mass grave, made in total secret, and discovered in 1994. Four years after the conquest of Lithuanian indipendence.

It was a discovered by chance. In that period some archeological escavations began and during the works many human remains came into the light. Those humans remains were traced back to the Soviet crimes and were collected inside the Columbarium under a small hill. Most of them have not been identified. Just about 50 of them were given a name, while the others are still unknown.

In addition at the Columbarium, in this park there is a small museum, an exhibition that tells these facts.

Now we’ll come in the museum, where Monika Kareniauskaitė, Historian, Genocide and Resistant Research Centre of Lithuania, is waiting for us. She will tell this story. Here the video. (Translation by https://ingleseamericano.it )

Tuskulėnai, A contaminated landscape

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