What is happening at the border between Lithuania and Belarus? Many newspapers are focusing on the situation between Poland and Belarus, but only few of them are focusing on Lithuania. Often the news is generic or unfounded, when they aren’t downright fake or tools of propaganda. It is not a coincidence that the Lithuanian Strategic Communication Department, whose job is to find and report these kind of issues, has been detecting a huge increase of them on Lithuania since the beginning of 2021.

The border between Lithuania and Belarus in the so-called Dieveniškės appendix, Šalčininkai district municipality. The fence is not built today, it’s always been the border between Europe and Belarus


We visited different regions, those that are under state of emergency: Lazdijai and Druskininkai municipality; and Dieveniškės appendix, Šalčininka region.


The regions we visited in our trip

For the first time after the independence, declared in March, 1990, the Lithuanian government has established a kind of security area (state of emergency) under the Border Guards control. Only people who live and work there can go in those areas, and also accredited journalists and media. A permission that has some rules to follow: it is necessary to wear high visibility vests in order to be immediately recognizable, and to be at least 100 meters away from the Belarus border at all times.

Leukadia and Regina live in Norviliškės, Dieveniškės appendix. A small village on the border with just eight inhabitants
Going to Norviliškės, Dieveniškės appendix

We found a stable situation. It is completely different from the border between Poland and Belarus. Migrants, escorted by the Belarusian soldiers to the Lithuanian border, are few, although the latter country has a border with Belarus that is twice as long as Poland.

We interviewed the captain Algirdas Spurga in charge at the military detachment in Druskininkai
Trucks in line to the Raigardas checkpoint. The controls are tight, to avoid smuggling activities, and trafficking in human beings

According with European Union and all countries involved, this issue is not a migration crisis, but it is a geopolitical crisis. A real attack against Europe by the Lukashenko regime, who rose to power thanks to an unfair election in August 2020. Belarus is today under sanctions by the European Union. Behind this scenery, obviously, there is Russia that is interested in dividing European countries, and diverting attention from the Ukrainian front.

Is it a coincidence that Poland is the country most affected by this “hybrid war”? A country that has many disputes with the European Union, and therefore represents a weak point?

The Vice Minister of Interior of Lithuania, Mr. Kęstutis Lančinskas, during the interview

In our report we interviewed the Vice Minister of Interior of Lithuania, Mr. Kęstutis Lančinskas. A highly qualified person, who worked in Ukraine on behalf of the European Union, and who took part in many peacekeeping missions. We also interviewed the captain of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, Algirdas Spurga, in charge of the military detachment in Druskininkay.

In our video what we saw and heard during our trip to the borders with Belarus

Watch our video

Trip to the Lithuanian-Belarusian border, reportage
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