Interview to Mantas Adomėnas, Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania. The Baltic State is in a dangerous area in this moment. It share the border with Belarus, basically under the Putin regime, and Kaliningrad, Russia exclave, that is become a huge military base.

In our interview the position of his country in front of the war in Ukraine, stability in Europe, Russian aggression, the role of NATO, European Union and China.

Didn’t Western European countries understand that Mr. Putin was dangerous for the stability of the world?


“Unfortunately, we are talking to a person (editor’s note: Putin) who has the Hitler mentality, a vision at the expense of his people, but also, and it is clear, with human costs, currently Ukrainians, who are suffering …”

“…The goal of Lithuania and of all democratic countries is to stop the war and prevent all suffering. Trying to undermine Russia and lobbying to create humanitarian corridors and food supplies, places to accommodate refugees or provide education for children. This is the priority, all together we must put pressure on Russia to stop the invasion of Ukraine”

“…We will buy liquefied natural gas from other countries. Countries where money is not used to finance the war against our Ukrainian brothers. We are ready to pay more for gas. But we want to make sure that the money we pay does not kill Ukrainians”

“…Even some sanctions implemented against Russia, in refusing to buy oil and even bank sanctions, show that China is worried about Russia’s behavior”.

“…We wanted to develop our relations in this area and we are within Lithuanian sovereign law by allowing the opening of the Taiwanese representative office”. “…China’s attempts to defeat this economic policy was not an option. It has created more problems for China than for Lithuania.


Visit to the Lithuanian Department of Strategic Communication. A small country that has a great geopolitical importance, subject to numerous attacks of disinformation.

Ukraine: Interview Vice-Minister Foreign Affairs Lithuania
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