Interview with the Political Director of the Ministry of Defense of Lithuania

The current scenario in Europe, after the outbreak of war in Ukraine, is completely different compare just seven months ago. The war has modified the set up in Europe, especially in the field of defense.


Interview with Political Director of MInistry of Defense of Lithuania

We met Vaidotas Urbelis, Political Director of the Ministry of Defense of Lithuania, to understand what Lithuania is doing to face the new situation. The last NATO Summit in Madrid has made important decisions to defend every territory of the Alliance. Baltic States are part of this new strategy. And Finland and Sweden into the Western Alliance could make the difference. “…It is critically for us to have Finland and Sweden in NATO, a huge bonus for our security… It’s important that it happens as quickly as possible“.

The last part of the railway that crosses Lithuania and arrives in Kaliningrad (Panemunė)

Lithuania is in a strategic geopolitical place, with Suwalki corridor in the South, and exclave of Kaliningrad on its western border. Two sensitive areas to protect in case of attack by Russia. Suwalki corridor is just 100 Kilometers long, and could be occupied by enemy in only two hours, say most of analysts and experts.

The bridge that divides Lithuania and Kaliningrad exclave (Russia) in Panemunė

Kaliningrad is Russia territory and in these last few years has been militarized with many weapons, troops and, according with analysts, with nuclear weapons.

In our interview we asked to the Political Director the position of his country in this scenario. And we also asked about the military service in Lithuania, the difference between defense and deterrence.

All countries fight the war in the twenty-first century not only on the ground, but also in the cyberspace. The Ministry of Defense has even the task to face that kind of attacks: “…Nobody has a perfect defense in cyberspace. Our team controls cyberspace 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and tries to respond to every attack, wherever it happens. It’s important to always be ready. And they are”.


Interview with the Political Director of Ministry of Defense of Lithuania


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