In 2024 Lithuania celebrates its 20th anniversary as a member of NATO. It was an important step for the country that regained its independence in 1990. It was not a given that Lithuania could be part of the Alliance but the strong determination of Lithuanians made it possible.


Vilnius NATO Summit, July 2023

In July 2023 the last NATO summit took place in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.

It was the largest event ever organized in the country. A challenge for a small country and a signal after Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine.

The event was excellently organized by Lithuania. All went well. The country worked for more than a year for the summit to be a complete success. The whole world was looking at Lithuania. A country that many did not know where it was before the summit.

Almost two thousand journalists took part in the summit and Lithuania deployed a huge security apparatus. Twelve thousand people were involved in the security.

Almost fifty delegations from all over the world went to Vilnius to participate in the event.

We were accredited as LithuanianStories. Our video tells those three days, in which the capital interrupted its daily life to experience an incredible page in its history.

Our footage is a tribute to those who made the event possible: citizens, army, police, border guards, and thousands of volunteers involved to help everyone. Citizens and guests.

Lithuanians welcomed the delegations and all the guests. The entire city was decorated with the NATO and Ukrainian flags.

The support of the country to Ukraine has been very strong ever since the Russian full-scale invasion began. The President of Ukraine, Zelensky, arrived in Vilnius, and took part in the huge demonstration organized to support Ukraine and to say that we must stand with Ukraine whatever it takes.

This year Lithuania will mark the 20th Anniversary of NATO membership. We are waiting for the program. We are sure it will be great. Follow us!


Vilnius NATO Summit, July 2023
Lithuania, 20 years in NATO remembering the Summit in Vilnius
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